Laura Irene

My work challenges conventional methods by seeking an unconventional process. It is through my process that I find truth in my work. I take objects not normally seen as beautiful and create an environment for them to be seen as worthy. I take the delicate and make it strong, the strong I make fragile.

My work challenges the space in which it exists - within a familiar atmosphere but in need of silent words at the bottom of the screen. We need these subtitles to understand – to relate – creating a visual intake without the sound of the loud.

The subtitles of life are often ignored - our quiet thoughts as we pass time in silence. It is through the subtitles of life that I listen finding beauty in the lost and forgotten. The more I delve into my quiet world, the more aware I become.

I strive for the appreciation and necessity of subtitles through the simpler versions of life such as a great line, the unassuming crack in the sidewalk or an inadvertent stain. A love of the simple beauty that surrounds us- should consume us- and fill our life’s holes with grand sighs or a fulfilling breath. Do breathe that in, do exhale loudly !

The lines of life are never straight yet we strive to make a line perfect, when in reality it is crooked, broken, reattached and in need of love. I fall for lines in all directions, getting lost in them in the process.

I am a constant work in progress. Do climb in.