• Laura Irene (Pronons: She/Her)

Laura Irene is a Mexican American artist, curator, writer and art critic.

Laura received her Bachelor of Arts in Painting with a concentration in Printmaking.

As an artist, Laura strives to reach not only those that appreciate an encapsulating texture, but especially to those that never thought to accept beauty in such a simple manner. Laura works in beeswax, dirt, paper and wood. Her goal is to bring together the natural elements as a form of art that evokes a change of mind and challenges the space in which it exists.

As a curator, Laura works to challenge institutions to review how they interact with marginalized communities and artists of color. She creates a space for artists to be seen and heard in a thoughtful and contemplative environment.

As a writer, Laura challenges others to think about the space that they take up. She gives a voice to those that are marginalized and challenges society to think differently about their responsibility as human beings.

As an art critic, Laura writes about artists of color underrepresented in the media in the hopes that her voice will create a more authentic and truer version of their truth.

Laura loves cheese, nice paper, hot tea and circles. She takes up space in the Nation's Capital with plans to stare at the cold until it melts. During the hot summer months, Laura turns into a recluse. Her favorite time of year is spring and fall but loves the air after it rains - she finds it dreamy.